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Wanted: 1g AWD Race Transmission

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I'm looking for a transmission for my 90 gsx thats going to hold up to a hard launching big boost 2.4L. Current transmission broke shift fork for 3-4 and input shaft gear is about to break all the teeth off. My transfer case is 21 spline to mate with the transmission that broke, so i need 21 spline transmission unless i can use my output shaft in your non 21 spline trans, is that possible?

Newport News Virginia
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There is no 21 spline shaft, just 22 and 23.
i counted 21 humps on the output shaft. theres an option on car-part.com for 20,21, and 23 spline if youre searching for trannys.
k i searched on this subject and it says a million times that 90's have 22 spline. and i found that i can switch output shafts if i have to, so since my output shaft is still good... gimme whatever spline transmission you got :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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