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weird boost

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OK after i installed my 16g i gave it a test drive and thought i would set my mbc but in the process i noticed my boost would jump from 14 -12 back and forth until near redline where it dies out. i disabled my mbc by taking out my mbc and in replace of it, i stuck a single hose teed from my bov line straight to my wastegate actuator. Went out for a drive and boost held at 10 without jumping. So what do you think is causing my boost to jump back and forth? my friend did mess with the adjustment on the acuator arm becuase he thought it was TOO TIGHT. do you think that might be the problem?
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doesnt sound liek the actuator arm is faulty since it holds boost. Obviously the boost is normal without a MBC so wouldnt that answer your question? If your friends have a MBC try one of their's if not buy a new one, they arent that much.
Sounds like you might have a weak spring in the MBC.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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