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Weird DSM Problem

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Ok to get you guys to where I am now here is a brief of what happened. Tranny went on it so I replaced the trans and put everything back together. I go to start the car and it starts up and it is shooting oil like crazy out of the feed line to the turbo (this was last weekend when I started it). Now this weekend I fixed the leak and everything is good. I go to try to start it and it just keeps turning over and not firing. I checked if i had spark and fuel and I got both. New plugs, new wires. Firing order is correct. I didnt mess with timing at all so it should be fine still. It seems like it is turning over kinda slow but not bad. I tryed jumping it with another char and it still just turns over like normal. It kinda seems like it wants to go but it doesn't. Please if anyone has any ideas let me know cause I need it running by the end of november. Thanks, Eric
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Are you sure that the starter is put back on right? You could have messed that up.
Messed it up how? It turns the motor over just kinda sluggish.
Your didnt knock any wires on the CAS sensor or the plug might not be right in on the sensor? my two cents! Just check that the starter is sitting flush on the bellhousing and not cocked a bit from tightening up one bolt first! it does happen.
If you have fuel and spark it can only be ignition timing and compression. Did you touch the CAS at all?

How did you verify that you have fuel in the cylinders?
The only thing that could of happened with the CAS is I pushed the wire loom that was around the wires that go to it over slightly. Well every set of plugs I put in they come out wet and when I was checking for spark I could smell fuel when I would turn the motor over. So if it is the CAS how would I fix it? I tryed pushing the plug in but nothing happened.
The problem is fixed. But now it idles way to high. I started it and it sits at 2k then it moved up to 2,100, then I rev'd it a little and it went to 3k and sat there. I checked if the pedel was sticking or anything but it was fine.
Did you try to adjust the idle just a little bit. I'm thinking when you bust that oil line you might have gotten some oil on a censor or something. It's something worth checking.
It was just majorly flooded for some reason. I think there is a 255 in there so I am going to have to get a AFPR.
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