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Weird smoking problem II (update) need some help ASAP

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(My first post can be viewed here )
Compression test turned out normal. I took off the manifold to check for oil, none anywhere to be seen. Took off the lower intercooler piping, got a decent ammount of oil down there. I've basically narrowed it down to the turbo having problems. I took off the oil line to check and make sure that there was no sludge or anything in it blocking the oil flow. The line is completely clear, so we can rule that one out. I noticed that there is a fair ammount of oil around the oil return line where it bolts into the turbo, could this mean something? I'm waiting until a little bit later this afternoon to take off the turbo, hoping to get some response and maybe not have to go through the hassle of taking it off if I can find out that something else is wrong. (It's in the parking lot @ my apartment, so it's kina a pain to work on right now) Any ideas?
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