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well.... my ac condensor belt went bye bye and i have a few questions

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a/c condensor belt is bybye. chunks got into timing belt cover. i took all belt pieces out of timing belt area. is it safe to drive w/out the a/c condensor belt? i saw that the belt would go around the crank pulley and the idler pulley then to the a/c condensor..... just give me some advice please!
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Yes, people do it all the time to gain power (less drag on the engine). If your not using your AC compressor, can I have it? :)
man..... i need it !... hehe........ i just hope i got all the pieces of the a/c belt out of the timing belt cover!
just check everything twice to make sure there is not little fragments of rubber in your timing belt. other than that your good to go
So why did the belt break in the first place? I think you should look deeper into the problem. And, make sure your crank pulley isn't separating.
that is a great question.... but i did take a look under the car... the crank pulley looked fine to me... of course i dont know the exact indications of separation of the crank pulley. i called pina motorsports (i live in washington) and they quoted me 590 total w/ tax included for all pulleys and belts replaced. that sound good to yall? i just dont have the time to change it myself at this time.
Are you saying that bits of the belt went through the timing belt cover? If so, like one of the members above said, make very sure that you get all the pieces out.

You should inspect all pulleys and see if they are straight and true and tight. If the belt broke from age, then it's simply a matter of replacing it. While you're at it, replace all of them. How many miles are on your car? It may be due for a timing belt change, which should be every 60,000 miles, if not earlier. If so, you should also replace the water pump, balancer belt, its tensioner, and timing belt tensioner. If the balancer belt fails, that will cause major engine damage. If you don't know when the last timing belt job was performed, you should do it just to be safe. All that, along with new accessory belts will run you $500 to $1000, depending on where you go.
so i guess 590 would be a good price for all that..... hmmm.... that could get me a evo3 16g!..... o well... maintenance first.
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