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Went Dark

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I was driving home and all of the sudden my radio turns off. I look at it and the power button is off so i know there is no power to it any more. I dont bother with it and when i get home and open the door to get out i notice the interior lights dont turn on. and i noticed the opend door light did not come on nore did the check engine light. I checked the fuse under the hood and the interior light fuse was blown. I put a new on in and the radio turned on for like a minute then it all happened again. What could be going on here?
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You have a short somewhere. Have you been doing any electrical work lately, installed new speakers or headunit, or an amp perchance?
Thats the thing, I havnt done any electrical work. This just happened all of the sudden. Any my amp is not even conected at the time since the fuse right next to the battery was removed a month ago. I also noticed that my idle is a bit off. It would idle at around 800-900 rpms and now some times i get 800-1100. Dont know if it matters but it does idle a bit weird.
anyone know where i should start to look around?
Ok guys Im in dieing need of my radio back. I went out to sear and got a digital multimeter and i dont really know how to use it but here is what i did. I tried putting in a new fuse and it gives off some sparks when i try to put it in so i know there is a constant short some where right. I took the multimeter and set it on VDC 200 and took the probes to each side of where the fuse goes and the meter showed 12.76 again on the VDC setting. Thats as far as i went because i dont really know what to do. I might be going to phoenix for the weekend so i kind of want my radio back. Please save me the trouble of having to take it to the dealer in phoenix to get it fixed. Ohh by the way Im heading over to FireBird Raceway on the Dec, 10 just for fun if anybody wants to show up. Help me out with my electrical please.
Ground your black lead then use the red lead to each side of the fuse to see your power. Check the cigaretty lighter fuse, dome fuse, radio fuse, and cluster fuse. If all of these get power then pull the radio and check the wiring behind it to make sure nothing is stripped back and grounded out.

Behind the radio the wire colors are as follows:

Batt: red/black (+)
Ign: blue (+)
Illum: green/white (+)
Dimmer: black/yellow (+)
Pwr Ant: white/black (+)

All of those should have 12 volts when the car is running and the lights are on with the radio in FM mode.

Start there and make sure all of this first.

Have a great day!!
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still no go. This is driving me insane. I went out and took the stereo out to look for any wires that might be grounded and found none. I also tried to get my logger to connect but it would not. The fuse that keeps burning out is a 10A - Room Lamp, right next to the radio fuse. The radio fuse is fine but the other one keeps giving off sparks if i put in a new fuse. The fuse will work for about a minute then it blows out again. So i put in a new fuse and connected the logger and then the fuse blows out again. Any other idea guys as to what might be wrong here?
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