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what a day.....

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so today was heater core day, i removed my crapped out heater core out and replaced it with a brand new one from advance auto parts. costs me 55 bucks or so. i dont remember. junk yard wanted 35 for a used one, so i figure why not pay 20 bucks more for a lifetime warrenty. maaan i can't believe how long it took to do this. very doable though, its actually easy...just tedious. i had to take off EVERYTHING in front of the shifter. it was pretty cool to see what my car would look like stripped down though, i will definently have to do that after i get another car.
so 7 hours later, and 12 "extra" bolts/screws, it was done :) i hope i NEVER have to do that again. i read somewhere that people have done this without removing the dash? HOOOW?
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Congratulations. It's always a pround day when you can take a significant part of the car apart and put it back together all on your own. As for the left over bolts, just think of it as weight reduction :cool:
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