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Well, I went out to look at the 91 GSX today I was thinking of buying... It sounded great over the phone (New paintjob, New engine, Tinted, Lowered, 7k in mods) and he said the only thing wrong with it was the clutch needed bled

I got there and I'm guessing it was a Maaco job (front bumper looked really bad), The interior was all ripped up, the chassis had alot of rust, I took it for a test drive and the clutch squeeks like an SOB. I start to move and blue smoke just ROLLS from the exhaust.

I drive it around and I LOVE THE BOOST!! But other then that the car isn't worth 4 grand!!! The only things it looked like he spent money on was a new engine (which was bad), tint, a system and a cheap paintjob. 7k in mods my ass.

We pull into a gas station to fill up because he was on empty, he puts ETHENOL (Spelling) INTO IT!! 89 Octain full of corn!! He wanted 4k for the car. I wouldn't pay 2 for it.

Well, I guess this means I'm goina be keeping and modifying the Integra until I can rip Taboo a new one :)
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