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what boost should i run with setup?

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Like the question said what boost with this setup is safe to run

B16g, 510cc injectors, walboro 190, Turbo back 2 1/2", Greedy Type-s, K&N FIPK, Supra SMIC, MBC, Denso Iradiums, MSD Super Conductor wires, SAFC 2
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too many varibles. log it and you'll find out. i ran over 20 psi on pump gas with my evo III and 450s. some people can't do that with 680s, its all tuning.
i never looked at my injector duty cycle but it would have been rediculous i bet. i always tuned for less than 6 counts of knock regardless of temperature. just focus on tuning the car start at 12 or 15lbs and just keep increasing and retuning 1psi at a time.

oh and this was all done on a maf-t with no afc ;)
Pick up a logger so you aren't playing a guessing game.
thanx guys i will get a logger and learn how to use it a/s/a/p
i cant understan how so many people start modding without having a logger.
90_talon_matt said:
i cant understan how so many people start modding without having a logger.
Word....Even worse is that they come here asking questions about how to drive their own car-----Why people think you can drive your car hard w/out tuning makes no sense to me...Buying an safc won't do anything unless you actuallly put it to use...

For now, you should be fine at ~15psi, but if you creep or spike, tone it down...w/ a 190 $ 510's, I doubt you are running super rich at 15psi, but you could be running lean, so be careful..knock is not fun
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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