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What Is This Car Worth

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1995 Talon Tsi AWD

109,XXX miles on the body

1)200 miles on Fully Rebuilt 6 bolt turbo motor from a 91 Turbo Talon
2)A performance built Tranny built by Shepherd Racing built to hold
12's in quarter
3)Cold air intake
4)Turbo XS RFL blow Off Valve
5)A new water pump
6)A new power steering pump
7)A new IAC Valve (idle air Control)
8)Drilled and slotted front rotors with ceramic pads
9)3'' Cat Back Exhaust Custom
10)Boost and Oil gauge mounted on A pillar
11)Short throw shifter
12)Cosmo Racing coil overs
13)Front Strut bar
14)Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch and Centerforce Throw out bearing
15)New Tires with less than 500 miles on them

There is a crack in the windshield that is like 3 inches long but he said it hasnt grown since he bought it.

The exterior isn't in that great of shape either. The right rear were the bumper meets the quarter panel is comming apart and he used a screw to keep it together also there are a lot of scratches around it. It must of had some kind of wing on it earlier because the holes were covered up but it is still in primer were the holes were. The left front fender has a scratch that is like 8 inches long. There are a few scratches on the front bumper and the side skirts but that is from normal driving. The interior is ok but the carpet is stained were the driver sits and the rear hatch cover is also.

He wants $6500 and i think he is crazy, but i am new to DSM's and this would be my first one but let me know what you think.

I would post pics but i dont know how. I have them in my yahoo mail how do i get the from there to here?
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if he has proof of the engine rebuild, and proof of a perfectly working turbo with no problems, that car is only worth about $5,000...you have about $1000 worth of body work to do to it with the body work + painting, than for the new windsheild you are going to need....$5,000 even is the most you should offer
I agree, $5K would be tops, not the $6500 he is asking and the other topic you posted earlier.
I know he has well over $5K invested in her but the return is just not there in our DSMs. Shop around for awhile, you'll find a good deal :) A turbo DSM is a fun car to own, I have own two and one has been mine for over 14 years :eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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