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what is this light?

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i have a 96 gst and it just got a rebuilt motor put in it and there is this weird light that keeps coming on when i make a turn. it comes on the right side and its like a tank with water in it, that has a hose coming up through it.. does anyone know what this light is?
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please somone just tell me something....
Is it an orange/yellow light? Could it be the low fuel light? Just a guess though, I'd have to take a look at mine to be sure. I will check when I get off work.
overflow tank light, turns on when the level in the overflow is low, or in my case, no worky no mores. just disconnect the plug and it'll turn off.
if it is a yellow box with black lines in it, it's your low washer fluid light
it is a yellow light, i have checked every thing fuel, washer fluid, and i cant take a picture of it because you cant see it at all till it comes on and it is only on for 20 sec. it always comes on when i make a turn, but i might just disconnect it and say f*ck it ...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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