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What other brand of car have you owned?

  • BMW

    Votes: 44 2.3%
  • Chrysler

    Votes: 108 5.5%
  • Ford

    Votes: 236 12.1%
  • GM

    Votes: 324 16.6%
  • Honda/Acura

    Votes: 301 15.4%
  • Hyundai/Korean

    Votes: 29 1.5%
  • Mazda

    Votes: 81 4.1%
  • Mercedes

    Votes: 10 0.5%
  • Mitsubishi

    Votes: 86 4.4%
  • Nissan/Infiniti

    Votes: 137 7.0%
  • Subaru

    Votes: 43 2.2%
  • Toyota/Lexus

    Votes: 139 7.1%
  • VW/Audi/Porsche

    Votes: 80 4.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 80 4.1%
  • DSM 4 life! :)

    Votes: 255 13.1%

  • Total voters
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My first car was my 90 GS and then I moved up to my 97 GS. This infuriates my father as he has worked for General Motors for 30+ years building Grand Prixs.. The bad thing is that I can't visit him at work and bring my car because the employees there will key it.. severely.


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I've had a 94 Ford Escort LX, 86 Mazda RX-7, and now a 94 Nissan 300ZX TT and a 95 Eclipse GSX.

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I had a Taurus as my first car. :D My g/f's mom gave it to me. :D That was a nice car. It was faster than my friend's cars!! hehe. I beat it to hell and now it's sold after 120k+ miles and 6 years of being my g/f's mom's.

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My first car was a red '71 Malibu which my stepfather crushed with a front-end loader and took to the local scrapyard for $20. I wasn't old enough to drive it to school yet, but I drove it around loud and proud on the back roads. :D

Then there was the pickle-green Dodge Dart that I can't even remember the year of. Then I had a blue '73 Camaro I was going to restore with my brother, but in a moment of severe desperation sold it. Took a step down in HP and got an '84 Buick Regal 'cause it was all they had that I could afford and I needed wheels fast. It's ready for the junkyard along with the '84 Ford LTD, which was blown this past December. Tooooooo many miles.

I think it's safe to say, after having all of these other cars, that I fell in love with my DSM from the second I drove it. This list of previously owned cars is pretty... mortifying. I don't even think I should post this... :eek:


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We can only vote once?? too many to pick one so the most recent I still have. 97 Chev stepside with ground effects Not a 4X4. If I ever get the laser done I plan to mod the truck HEHE:D

the list
81 bonneville deisle
58 dodge truck
79 mustang cobra (4 cyl but someone took out the turbo:mad: )
escort wagon
2 taurses
83 ranger
95 cougar (that thing was awsome)
89 s-10 4x4
ply sundance turbo (fun to drive looked like a$$)
97 chev stepside
2002 Susuki intruder valutia (wat a georgious bike. I get compliments from harley guys)
and the most resent 93 PLY Laser N/A

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im with u. i have had a bunch of cars.

89 (i think) renault alliance
90 4 runner
94 accord
64 impala
95 325is
98 gst
94 wrangler
95 neon
97 wrangler
85 VW gti
97 expedition
95 VW gti
94 wrangler (current)
95 talon (current)
95 (i think) ninja 250
94 cbr600 f2
97 cbr600 f3
98 gsxr750

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I have owned many breeds of cars and still have* some:

*1972 Dart Swinger
*1988 Dodge Ram 50 4x4

1980 El Camino
1992 Trans Am
1974 Dart
1969 Dodge Charger R/T
1978 440/4x4 Ramcharger

I love Mopars, probably why I prefer Talons, had a 92 AWD Laser, but they are to plain looking. Although they make great sleepers to an uneducated crowd.

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Can't tell me nuthin about haivng to work on the car or unreliable.

Until the B's powertain and brakes etc was completely overhauled it was a week driver weekend fixer. At least the DSM gets 50k between repairs.

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My first car was a 94 Firebird, 2nd car 92 Honda Accord, 3rd and fav car 94 Camaro Z28. Now I am looking for a dsm.

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I'll step up and admit I had a '99 Si for most of my teen years. And yes I ragged the shit out of it. Not modded or anything though. It was a fun car to learn to drive on, great gas mileage and what not. Don't miss it though.

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Here is list from first to current:

87 rx-7---lasted 3 weeks
94 mazda protege--my first pimp mobile
93 talon es---RIP
92 talon tsi fwd--too much headache
95 civic coupe--stolen
94 integra gsr--solda

Current cars:

95 talon tsi awd
94 integra gsr turbo 446 whp @ 22lbs


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my first car was an 86 monte carlo ss.... here is the list:

86 monte carlo ss
84 monte carlo
79 corvette
91 camaro RS
99 SS camaro
97 altima
00 altima
98 GSX
91 GSX
95 GST
95 TSI AWD - black
95 TSI AWD - current 2.3 stroker project
97 grand am gt - current beater
72 chevelle - current old school
03 altima - current daily

i just turned 24 so i had had a pretty nice selection when it came to cars.

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62 hp SOHC base model 4-spd Civic ftw?

Eh, I have to give it some credit. I learned to drive stick in that damned thing.

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I'm currently looking for a DSM but trying to figure out what gen. to get.
The little list that I have:

'94 F-150 straight 6
'97 Chevy. Silverado 305
'00 S-10 4-banger
'95 lightly modded Ford Probe GT (current)
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