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what should a 1stgen swap cost?

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exactly waht the tittel says, what should it cost? this shop got the motor for me with 80,000 miles on it, and they replaced the thermastat, headgasket, they did the balance shaft eliminator,new water pump, and they are charging me 500 for a center force clutch the one with the 2100lb pressure plate lighten flywheel etc. the install is 750. so 750+500+1100=2350,is that a good price? and what can i expect to fee a gain in? should i be faster?is it worth the money?
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That is a pretty good price if you ask me. I wouldnt bock at that a bit. If it is a stock for stock swap you wont feel any gains.
Take the engine cost down 25%
knock a little off the clutch (if you looked around better...)
subtract the labor completely.
Thats what you WOULD have paid if you did it yourself.
But since thats a pretty big job, only $750 in labor seems about right for a shop to charge. Assuming its done right. And assuming that engine isn't crap. :rolleyes:
You'll never know because you'll never see any of it.
I decided to do a rebuild my self and I have right about that in parts/machine work and when I get one I will have a fully built 4G64 with ross pistons, crower rods, cometic head gasket, arp head studs, clevite bearings, 650cc injectors, FPR, fidanza flywheel, 2600 pp, Walbro 255, gauges, all new fluids, all machine work including a 3 angle valve job. That price does include estimates on some things because I have done a few trades and I have gotten good deals on the other items.
well i seen the motor and i wateched them do the balance shaft inliminator and it was a clean motor they replaced the rings on the piston a racing head gaset,its a good shop and they did my 18g thats going on the car and that is clean to. i didn't want to do it myself because i don't have the time and i've never done the 6bolt swap,i have done the 2.4 stoker myself but the troubles and all that with it seemed way better to pay them to do it.
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