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what's it worth? '98 GSX

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As stated above, loaded '98 GSX with 64k miles, new Mitsubishi-sourced (i.e. not salvage yard) shortblock professionally swapped with 5k miles on it. Warranty on engine work just expired. No mods except air filter.

Newer engine makes me think asking more than kbb.com, nada.com, or edmunds.com is justified, but $11,500?! :eek: That seems a bit excessive. What does the forum say?
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is this your car, if so, im interested, and would like to come see it, im near detriot in novi. If not, were Prolly lookin at the same car... black?? :confused:

i think that cars without original engines, etc to be worth signifigantly less. (this is ESPECIALLY true for older, especially CLASSIC cars)

So, me personally, i would never pay FULL price for a car with a swapped engine, much less EXTRA, just because the engine has "fewer miles". most of the time the "new" engine actually has a LOT of miles on the block etc.

Personally, i would like to find a LOW mile GSX (preferably 97) with a blown motor. That way i could get it cheap and put the ULTIMATE 6 bolt in that sucker. :)

anyway, my two cents...
i would say that its worth $10,000 even...just cause it has a swap doesnt really add value IMO because you can never really gaurantee the mileage or wear and tear of that engine that was swapped in..nor can you gaurantee where that engine has been...no gaurantees on warranties .... so I would say a swap doesnt mean much...so $10,000 for you car seems about right
You can find a gsx cheaper than that, but it does have 65k miles and a swap from the mechanic, shows that its been maintained cleanly...but 11500 is too much you can find a great gsx easily for less than even 10----i dont know about you guys but im pretty good at fiding cheap cars--maybe itrs the Bay Area Cali, or just me :cool:

for example:
95 talon tsi
82k miles
magnaflow 3" exhaust system
supra sidemount
upper intercooler piping
well maintained w/all records
clean title
only 2500!!!

Seriously all you gotta do is just look around and deals will just fall in your lap....
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NonTURBO4now said:
i would say that its worth $10,000 even...
really? that high? I would've thought $7750-$9750 tops. What do you base your 10k assessment on?
whats it say on KBB and NADA? theres a 99 GSX here at a dealership for almost $14k :eek: but it only has 20k original miles on it but still :eek:
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