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What's Really Going On

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Here's the deal, I got a 90 TSi AWD. It has the usual upgrades, 550 injectors, 2g MAS, S-AFC, 255lph pump, Turbonetics FMIC and Turbonetics turbo. I just recently noticed the car stutters for a split second, but only at certain times in every gear. When the car is above 10lbs and below 10lbs of vacuum the car runs normal. If I start to go higher than 10lbs of vacuum, like I'm building boost, and let off quickly the car runs fine. If I'm cruising and the car is seeing higher than 10lbs of vacuum and it starts to settle down, as soon as it hits 10lbs of vacuum the car stutters until it drops lower than 10. I've replaced all vacuum lines and it still does the same thing. What else could it be???? :confused:
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has the regular maintenance been done to this car? IE plugs/wires? oil change? tranny fluid, t-case, and diff fluid change? timing belt/water pump/accessory belts?

start with the little things. start by looking at the plugs. see what they look like and what the gap is. next, do a boost leak test and see if something comes up. after that, do a compression test to see what the motor is doing.

let us know what you come up with. happy boosting.
I just gave it a tune up a 2 weeks ago. This problem started last Saturday. Before then the car ran fine.
checl for boost leaks. Sounds like you may have one. remember that it can't kind of leak. It has to hold pressure. Not leak it out.
I'll try that and see what happens. If I dont have a leak what could else it be??
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