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Where did my reverse go ??

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97 gst go to back out of the garage today and BAMO !! There is no reverse feels like it will not go all the way down?? Yes I rocked the car foward in 1st and tried several times??? I have had this car for 7 years so I know how to drive it. Tried shifting through all the other gears and realized 4th is also wacky??? Last person to drive it was the wife but she claims no problem ?? :rolleyes: whatever.
Anyway let me know If you ever had this problem and how you fixed it THANKS !!
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Try putting it in 5th first then hitting reverse. Its what I had to do sometimes to get it in.
had the same problem on my way from work one day, was told the the bracket was broken on the linkage, was getting other parts installed the same day i noticed the problem. guy fixed it for like 40 bucks. havnt had a problem since.
Check the plastic bushings in your shifter assembly. You'll have to remove the center console to do it. Sounds like one is toast. They go out randomly, so sorry, can't blame your wife on that one.
Will check the bushings/ brackets tonight Thanks guys . I may blame her anyway to get some much need well...... you know
oh my bushings are fine , cables are fine, even when under the hood I cannot get the trans to go down into reverse.... Gues we have a shift fork/ rail problem :mad:
Have had the same problem so with the new team rip tranny I had a new beefier fork put in. Oem forks suck but, now you can get the better ones.
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