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1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Convertible
2.4L, I4SOHC, 16V F1, Model # F4A23-2, 4 Speed automatic w/ OD
214,729 Miles

This is my inaugural post, so please forgive me for my greenhorn errors
I was driving down the Interstate one night, with the top down and enjoying the Moonlit sky. All of a sudden, It was like I hit a wall and I found myself coasting and unable to accelerate. After putting it in neutral I was able to coast I to a restaurant parking lot. When I stopped, I turned off the engine and immediately checked my fluids. All fluids were right on. I started the vehicle again and put it in Reverse, with no success, as it was with D,R,1,2,& 3. I ended up calling a tow truck and hauling it to my Reserved Parking spot at my Condominium in November 2018, Now that my registration sticker expired on 11/2019, I am in danger of being towed for violating the parking rules here where I live. Now that I am motivated, I am looking for suggestions as to where to begin to determine what parts have failed. I have read that it could be one or a all of the following the complete tranny, torque convertor, the 4 solenoids in the tranny, etc. My prior 2 years inspections had failed due to the check engine light on. The code each time was the P1750. After driving thru a complete drive cycle each time, the CE lite would go off. I guess the car was giving me plenty of warning. I have some time now and up to a challenge. I want to thank this forum in advance for your I insight, valuable time and look forward to your responses.
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