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Good day everyone. I've been slowly getting my A/T 1995 Galant Super Saloon 4g63 SOHC to be a decent looking and reliable daily driver.
I recently acquired my car to be able to safely commute back and forth from my place to my mom's house. I did the math and came to the conclusion that owning a car and maintaining it would be cheaper than taking a Grab. Grab(similar taxi service to Uber) prices in our country became a lot more expensive than paying for Gas and has a higher chance of contracting Covid (Covid is still pretty rampant here in the Philippines).

I've done a general tune-up to the car (changed fluids, spark plugs, engine and belts checked) and some minor fixes to the suspension (tie rod, ball joints, rubber boots replacement).The only issue that the car currently has is that it loses power or the engine outright dies during a full stop while in first gear or when rolling to a full stop. My mechanic says that its a distributor issue and that changing it out should get the car working reliably again.

With all that said since the reliability side of my project car is almost sorted, I've started looking into the kind of body mods and looks that would be possible/compatible with my car.

I'd like to ask if there's a list/resource (I've tried searching in this forum but couldn't find any) for which generation/s of Galants(or other DSM platforms or Aftermarket brands) have interchangeable body parts with my 7th generation Galant.
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