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Which O2 senson do i need for 92 laser turbo?

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Hi, I just bought my 1992 laser 2.0 dohc turbo Sat. and i know nothing about these cars...I do no i need a new O2 sensor because i have a rough idle when i start it and then it's fine while in gear....I think there's 2 diff't kinds a 27 hole and 4 hole....whch one would i need..my car is the fwd version...Thanks
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From your description of the problem it might not necessarily be an O2 sensor. A rough diagnosis of the O2 sensor is easy. Just monitor the voltage that it is putting out while idling. If the voltage is bouncing around randomly between 0-1V it is still OK. If it is sitting still when the car is warm it is shot.

I would also look into new plugs and wires and a boost leak test. If it were me. ;)
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