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Will not go into gear

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hey ya'll i just bought a 95 GST and the car will not go into gear it is like it is stuck in two gears. the car will not move if u push in the clutch.
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do you feel the clutch engage/disengage when it is depressed. can you move the shifter into any other gears (while sitting, and without the clutch pressed)
Car will not go into gear the clutch grabs. cuz if i let out the clutch the car dies.
I know you said that the car will not go into any gear, however I still have to ask. If you have it in neutral and let out the clutch and give it gas does it move at all? If so does it move forward or backwards? Either way it almost sound like you need to tear apart the tranny and see what is causing it to bind.
yea i think the gears are stuck together. but now my question is will the tranny still be ok, or do i need to get another tranny.
tear it down and check operation of syncs and inspect your linkage. you probably can save the case. tear it down and let us know.
sometimes you can get a whole working tranny for the price of tearing your old one open and toubleshootin, it could save you time and money-i needed a synchro, but with labor and all it would have been about the same price as getting a used tranny w/about 80k -250 bucks. i suggest shopping around
tear it down first to make sure it isnt something very simple.
Can you explain your problem a little better. When did it happen? Did you just go out to your car one day and this was happening? You say the car dies when you let the clutch out, is the transmission stuck in gear or are you in neutral? Can you change the gears while the car is off?

Check the linkage right on the trasmission. See if you can move the counterweight around at all (make sure its not caught on anything). Also, drain your transmission fluid to see what it looks like (or if there is even fluid in it... that would explain it being seized).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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