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Windshield washer tank freezing!

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I am a newbie as I have just joined today

I have a 1997 Talon AWD and over the last two winters I have had problems with the windshield washer fluid freezing in the tank, or in the lines from the tank. I have drained the tank, used -35 degree winter fluid and the problem still happens. (the tank is in the trunk under the spare tire)

Any quick fixes out there? will insulating the area work?

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Washer fluid should not freeze. Is the actually tank freezing solid or do your squirter nozzles freeze up making it so nothing comes out?
The tank itself will become iced over with a thin film of ice, the fluid in there doesn't actually freeze in the tank, but it (or something does) in the lines coming out of the tank (when I have tried it I don't see any of the static fluid moving in the lines).

The nozzles appear to be fine.
Last winter I put some of the pocket warmers around the tank and within 15 minutes the spray was working again.
maybe try another brand of washer fluid. im sure some products contain more water than others and that would cause the crystalization of the fluid.
cacaphony8 said:
Move to warmer state?
You see this guy!!! He lives next to the North Pole and tells him to move :rolleyes:

Ok as a Trucker I know Old Man Winter very well and he don't play when it comes to washer fluid!
Ok this what ya need to do go to the nearest Truck Stop or Wallmart and see if they got windsheild fluid rated at 20 deg or less buy it then get in your car then run all that fluid out just sit there and have a blast hit'n the windsheild fluid button pretend it's Nitro and while ya in the seat go Verrrrooom!!! :)

Just kidd'n just run it all out to make sure all the water is out of the system mabey you or the guy who had it before you ran it with water and or soap and that is probably what is freezing or it could be summer rated fluid still the system which has less methanol in it and then refill it with the winter rated fluid you just bought .

Now if ya really still have the problem and it's really really seems like the best stuff ain't working mix rubbing Alcohol (The clear type not the green) in the fluid dispenser on ya car about a quater half a bottle of Alcohol should do the trick.

Now there is a draw back to using Alcohol it tends to dry the rubber hoses out on your windsheild blades and you'll hafta replace them come spring time also right were the rubber meets the sprayers (must be tightened up) after you put the rubbing Alcohol in with the windshild fluid becuse they tend to loosen up on a warm day and when you really need them next winter day they may pop off so use some bread bag ties (the old fashion metal types not plastic) and a pair of pliers to do that but not too tight because the rubber may be sliced by the bread tie when you tie it on.

Trust me I have seen some bad weather and along with it bad drivers so be carefull and good luck :)
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Thanks to all- the idea of a warmer state does sound good at times!

I have bought it new in 1997 and the freeze issue has only happened over the last 2 years. I am going to bleed the system today and maybe try the rubbing alcohol.
Or you can just remove your entire washer system like I did ;)
PSH! :rolleyes:
Everyone knows windshield washer fluid gets rerouted to an injector mounted in your intake stream... like duh. :p
Preferably with a boost sensitive switch that kicks it on above 14-16psi...

My Talon's sprayers rock!
Coupled with the rear wiper so I don't have to wipe snow off AT ALL anymore.
Front or back!
My Galant had a CF hood I wouldn't drill. No sprayers.
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