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Wing Less Trunk

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I own a 1995 eagle talon and i want to take the spoiler off,
its the short spoiler.

After i take the spoiler off their will be holes in the trunk.

How can i cover the holes and tuch up paint the holes?

how many holes are under these spoilers?

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Hmmm there are about 4-5 holes under that spoiler. If you want to cover them, take it to maaco lmao.. If your a cheap nukka, get some window tint and cover the holes, i did that last winter, the window tint reflects since its shiny :D
Of course there is holes, how do you think the thing stays on the trunk? :D

The only way to get it done right is to have them welded shut and the lid resprayed. Typical quotes from threads just like this in the past say around $500.
$500 is a lot...my bother used bondo and touch up paint, now you couldnt even tell there was a spoiler there
Bondo isn't recommended for filling holes, just smoothing out imperfections in the metal. I know some people have had luck using rubber plugs until they can get money together to have the holes filled. Personally I'd try to get a hatch from a car w/o holes and have that painted. However that may cost more than just having the holes welded shut and having the hatch repainted.
Because even if you fiber bondo them shut, (tape off from the back and fill in)
It'll shrink and you'll still have depressions. Little rubber plugs painted to match the car would hide it well. Until you got it done professionally.
Bondo should be used as infrequently as possible.
As it sucks.
And lasts for shit.
the easy way ... plugs

the best way: find someone in the area with a welder and some skill and have them weld it up for a case of beer. a small piece of metal held to the back of the panel and neatley tack welded all the way around is the easiest way , then grind off any weld higher then the surrounding panel and a thin coat of filler over the whole area ...

being carefull with the welder is key, the faster you weld, the more warpage you get

and bondo lasts just as long as the paint its underneith as long as its done PROPERLY

ive seen cars that were bondo'd when bondo was NEW on the market, and its still in great shape

ive seen cars w/ an INCH of filler thats been there 10 years ..... and you wouldnt know w/o using a magnet
Well right now im not in the money order to take it and get it done, but where can i get some good plugs to match my dark green talon?
I know I've seen a post recently where someone found a factory plug that fit the holes perfect. They'd probably be black though. I guess you could try some touch-up paint on one of the plugs but I don't think it would adhere well on a flexible rubber surface.

Try searching for spoiler plug, that should get you some leads ;)
I've actually seen it done pretty decently without welding and last. The backside was ugly though but it's under plastic. They grinded off the paint on the bottom and jb welded a fine mesh to the bottom. Then they used jb weld as filler and were very careful to only fill the holes, nothing more. Filled them not quite to the top. Then took a bit of bondo to fill the last little bit. Then sanded carefull and used touch up paint. It wasn't perfect but unless you knew what to look for, you would over look it. The problem if you have a talon is the big hole for the light on the spoiler, that's almost an inch in diameter. I wouldn't trust anything but metal for that. You could try to weld a metal piece behind it and use the same technique and get away with not getting your hatch painted for awhile. Not the best way to do it but it would probably work well enough.
Kitty hair + touch up paint. ;)
I thought kitty hair was only for use on fiberglass, no? I can't see that stuff working on metal.
I replaced my short spoiler to a 97-98 spoiler and I havent got around to filling the holes and respraying it yet, I just found some rubber plugs from the hardware store but they tend to leak a little bit.
I seen a 97+ eclipse around my way wingless... It looks good... but not as good as i thought it would. Same thing with mustangs 99+ Ive been see'ng alot of Cobra's/GT's wingless nowadays...
Look around the scrap yards for a Talon ESi. Some of them came with spoilerless and wiperless hatches. I was lucky enough to find someone to swap hatches with me, I just brought him a case of beer and did the swap in his driveway :D. This is before I put the Eclipse spoiler on it:

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TOTalon-Haven't seen your car in days. I like the talon style better than when you went to eclipse ;). That's another choice though, i found hatches to be about the same as paint with window uninstalled and reinstalled. If you can get someone to trade, all the better. This does not apply to 95-96 eclipses or 97-99 non turbo eclipses. They have the side spoiler on the quarter pannel.
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