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Wiring up the fuel pump

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I just got done wiring up my fuel system to 10ga and wanted to ask who else has done it and if they added more grounds to the system? I was reading the post about "horrible factory grounding system" and thought this could be put there, but whatever, too many posts on that. If you want to be assured about the vehicles ground system, just add a ground or two to it. When I swapped my G54B turbo from my conquest into my Ram 50, I used this method and noticed a huge improvement in the electrical system. Much more stable. Anyway, I grounded the fuel pump on the chassis, and then added 2 more in the interior from the original ground. By the way, gutting the whole interior makes EVERY job easier!!! Also, where do you prefer to run wires/gauge tubing through the firewall? I make alittle slit in the grommet on the speedo and ran everything inside through there? I didn't see any free rubber gromets on the firewall. I have 1G TSi fwd no abs.
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When I rewired my FP, I ran a ground off the relay to chassis. My car is gutted aswell, and yes it makes things a heck of alot easier.
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