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Wisconsin sup!!!

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Hows it goin all, First post so give me a break K. I live in the SE corner of wisconsin and see dsm machines everywhere!! Me, my brother, and my best friend all gotm. As a newbie I got questions about mechanics and stuff but I know a bit on design and looks, I attend MATC Oak Creek, near Milwaukee for auto body and collision repair. In fact I'll be done in december so I have some ideas. I also attended 3 yrs of graphic design classes but got bored of that so I guess you can say I'm an artist with experience in auto body. Now onto the cars. I own 5 but only one is a Mitsu, its an 86 starion, turbo, intercooled, 5spd man, abs parts for sale; 71 Maverick, 4spd, twin turbo, twin intercooled monster; 93 Probe gt, 5spd, klze swap; 96 Probe gt, auto, delivery car; 02 Ranger Edge 4x4 (everyone needs a truck). Feel free to email me @ [email protected] for questions or comments!!! Thanx for the welcome!!
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Wow what is it with people in WI owning like 10 cars? lol im also in WI but up by greenbay. At one time i owned a 95 maxima, 99 maxima, 95 contour v6, and 95 GST but then sold all but the maxima and gst. Wound up selling the GST and the maxima for a newer maxima. And now again selling my maxima for a dsm and a second car insted.
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