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won't stop?

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My car wont stop comming from a high speed. My brother told me the brakes are as solid as rock. We pushed my car till 3rd gear and we tried to stop with engine break and it slows down very slow. It's has been like this for quiet sometime now after i changed the front brakes. My brother told me it was ceramic pad. We bled it again today and it still slows down really slow and the brakes are hard. Could it be bad brake pads? Brake lines? The back break pads are good. any ideas?
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Sounds like you might need a new brake booster. check to see that there is no leaks in the booster line. When you are slowing down in a lower gear when the engine is at a higher speed, and the throttle is shut it should be stopping really good, more vaccum is being applied to the booster. Check that.
take it in to some place and have them troubleshoot it but not fix it :D
Everytime i do engine brakes from higher speeds and brake at the same time. I smell something burning. Is it the brake pads or clutch? I'm betting on the pads though :D. I drove it tonight and it actually does stop but i have to really give it a good exercise, almost flooring it.
is the pedal really stuff. Hard to push down.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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