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Woohooo (!)

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YAY, I finally fixed my 2000 RPM idle problem. Turns out that the throttle cable was waaay too tight. You know, there is that cable and it goes to a box with a nut and a bolt. Anyhow, while the car was running, I just decided for the heck of it to loosen it up and see if anything happened. Well, I loosened it a little, and what do you know, the idle speed went down. So I just continued to loosen it...all the way. Now my car idles steady at 750ish. Thats good, for me. Heck I am so used to the high idle when I loosened it all the way I thought the car was going to die. But nope...I noticed while the engine was running I could actually see the brand name paint thing on the belts spinning around! It used to be that the belts spun so fast that It was just a darkish grey blur, but not now! :D Yahhh, woooooooo! :eek:
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good job man, i'm still having car troubles my daily driver doesnt run at the moment :'(
good job with that tho,
yeah it seems like DSM's take a little time and $$$ after you get them to start going good...I still dont think mine is going "good". It goes good enough for now tho.
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