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This is my write up, I did not know where to post this and most of the write ups are on this forum post.

You can do it like some of the other post, But this is the way "I" did it.

I wanted to be 100% safe.

Lets start with the basics, If you have time to wait then this will be the best way of doing this.

What you need:
Wire cutters
A lighter
Some heat shrink
and a set of these: 34-8964 from http://www.hvccycle.com/electrical-connectors.html?hc_location=ufi

Picture below.

Any ways, So the fuel pump is much bigger then the welbro. Also comes with a harness that doesnt really do any good. So what I did is i mounted everything I could. I used a fuel injector o ring and a FIC o ring that had been used. To do this you need to push the o-rings inside the little cylinder that the old o-ring where the 255 was. Again. you need to push them in there you cant put them on the pump and push them in.

It will only fall down. You need to lube it up with wd-40 or motor oil. It is hard to push in but once it is in it is in. Its not going to come out easy at all. Then mount your fuel pump. Now the wires. I pulled the stock wires from the plastic harness. (This shows the harness with pins already in plastic harness)

I tried to find everywhere the correct electrical fitting. Even went to mitsubishi. They did not have it but came close. So I bought the electrical female pin connector (34-8964) Then what I did is I stripped the wire, connected two (34-8964) pin connectors. I used heat shink twice to keep the wires from coming out (Safe way- They are crimped on with the 34-8964 pin connector any way)

But I like to be safe because my kids may be in this car at some point. They are hard to push on to the terminal. But this is a good thing because it wont come off easy.

I heat shinked this twice just for safe keeping.

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