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wrong post count?

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How come by my name it still says I've only made 47 posts, but if you look into my profile and search for all my posts you can find over 90?
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i believe that you will find some threads do not count toward your post count- like the lounge for example?
i was wondering the same thing also...am i missing something in the rules about posting?i have seen the rules about classifieds but i dont know about the forums
Your post count only goes up when you post in the Tech forums!
EclipseRST said:
Your post count only goes up when you post in the Tech forums!
Do not just post useless crap in the tech forums to try to up your post count so you can post in the Classifieds section, as people do watch this type of thing.
Maybe if you guys STFO the lounge forum?

Contribute useful info. to the tech forums. It's not about post count here, it's ALL about the quality of your posts. A quick search to this should have answered your question rather than starting thread 42252728282 of something that has been asked 937374374747 times before.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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