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WTB - 14B's or 16G's needing a rebuild

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I would like to buy a few 14Bs or 16G's that need a rebuild. What I want is a rebuildable turbo, not something that needs a turbine wheel, is missing the compressor cover, etc, although I might be interested in the parts as well.

Go forth and look in your closet, garage, or wherever you keep old stuff, sell it to me :)
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I know this is a longshot, but would you want a working 13g? I've got one laying around, but too dirty to make a paperweight out of it :)

I have a 14b that is in need of a rebuild. The seals are shot to my knowledge. It was leaking oil once the car warmed up and was at a standstill, like at a red light. You can PM if you are interested. I'll dig around for pictures for you. I'd take some new ones but I lent my camera to my friend so he could take pics of his newborn. I'll get the camera back if you want new pics though.
Not really interested in the 13B, but I'll keep one ear to the ground and see if anyone might want it.

Golovemd, I'd take that one off your hands if you want. PM sent.

Shot me a cheap price on the 13g and anything that is wrong with it.

I have a bunch of good 14b parts. Good compressor wheels, compressor housings, center sections, 1 good set of bearings, no seals though.
I have a small 16g that has some shaft play with a polished compressor housing, compressor wheel will probably need to be replaced

let me know
PM me with what you want for the 16g's fella's.
I have a 14B that with complete assembly that you can rebuild. PM me if you're still interested.
I have a 14b with some shaft play. What do you want for it?
i have a 16g that the fins are bent, needs a rebuild. what do you want to give me for it. I was going to have it rebuilt, but let me know what its worth to you. email me at [email protected]
I have a 14b with shaft play. Could ship asap. Let me know.
I have a 16G that has shaft play in it, although I wouldn't have a problem running it in my car if neccessary....let me know if you are interested...
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