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WTB: 1G 93-94 turbo head

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I am looking for a 93 or 94 1g turbo head. I am looking for something cheap to build up, so bent valves is fine as long as the seats and guides are ok. It must be complete with 5spd turbo cams and well as rockers, and all keepers and locks. doesn't need lifters. Pics would be appreciated. thanx
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I have a 90 turbo head, cams are uninstalled and lifters to go with it. It came from my running 90 before I rebuilt the motor and put a Buschur head on my car. All springs/retinaers/valves are available.

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i have a head with bent valves cams and the whole nin yards. 150.00+ shipping. Can get pics tonight. Ive actually got around 8 of them, do you know how to tell what year it is by the way? I know ive got a couple that are of every year in the 1g heads and 1 2g head(i know which one that is). Im just not sure which one is a 90 head, 91-92, or 93-94. I know cooling was a little better in certain years but im not sure how to distinguish other than that
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