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WTB: 2g j-pipe and 90 degree licp and stock 2g parts!!

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Hey, i'm looking for the following items:

*2g j-pipe
*90 degree lower intercooler pipe 14b/16g turbos
*stock 2g sidemount (complete with upper intercooler pipe and blow off valve)
*stock 2g FWD axle back
*stock 2g FWD downpipe and cat

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ill get u the shipping cost tomarow on the cat and downpipe man i have to buy a box (no extra cost to you) cuz the ones i have r too small thanx
-berto- (p.s. your PM inbox is full)
I have the two stock front axle. It is from 98 gst. Make me an offer.
I think he wanted the muffler part that goes behind rear wheels... but maybe i'm the stupid one.
yes, i'm interested in the stock exhaust.
I have a brand new ExtremePSI 2G Jpipe and a stock 2g sidemount with uicp and bov, but the uicp has been modified to eliminate the restricted bend, ill separate the sidemount if you're looking for a completely stock uicp ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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