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WTB:2G Power Transistor Unit ignition module

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Looking for a Power transistor unit for 2g (95 GST). PM me if you have one you can sell. zip code is 24012 roanoke va.

Pretty sure that the one on my 95 GST (lots of miles) is dead. cylinder 2 & 3 won't spark. i switch the wires that lead to the coil packs [blue and blue with black strip on my car] and the problem switchs to the other coil pack, so i know both coil packs work. this is the next thing upstream so i figure its worth a try. any one got other suggestions?
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I have one from a 98 GST. I think it will work. If it does than you can make me an offer (shipped price).
do you still need the PTU? I have about 8 of them

let me know

Ive got one to man, if you need it.
I need one, one of you guys pm me. for a 98 gst
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