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WTB FWD Turbo Flywheel,Motormounts,and Flexplate

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Just what the Title said, but i also have an AWD flywheel i bought on accident, so if someone wants to trade, or buy it.

Thanks Allen 469-222-0840
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Only need the front, but if they are cheap enough ill take all of them
i have a fwd turbo flywheel i'll trade for the AWD. it could use a resurface but its all good
Done. Give me your address. Mine is 2010 Campus dr Waco TX 76705
Do you want new or used? I can definately do new but I might be able to find used ones as well.
Got a used front motor mount as well. Rubber is in one piece, no tears or cracks. Let me know.

I have almost no money, but have to have it, so cheaper the better so probably used.
I also need a 1g fwd n/a ecu.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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