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I've decided to get rid of my beast of a truck Durango and pickup a AWD DSM.
I need a car that's not SUPER modded. I don't mind a few bolt ons, but I don't wanna pickup someones project car and then not know why it's failing on me. I'm pretty open to any generation/year/model with a few exceptions. Any car must be a 5spd, must be turbo'd and AWD. I don't mind having to do some minor work, IE bodywork, paint, maybe a headgasket. I don't want a project car that has jumped time and fubar'd though...

I don't mind a 2ga as long as it has been 6-bolt swapped. I do not want to experience crankwalk; I've seen it happen to my friend, and I never want to go through that mess.. lol Again must be 5spd, turbo'd and AWD.

I have the money and I'm looking to pickup a new little toy. I realize I have a few specifics but I know what I want.

The closer to NY the better :)
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