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I'm looking to change directions and move on from my Evo VIII in order to buy a house. I will accept trades+cash for a 97-99 Eagle Talon.

Extras that will come with the car; extra tail lights, stock Carbon fiber wing that needs re-clearing, extra air intake manifold (for porting), Stock air intake, stock air box w/K&N air filter.

(I have the car's title) 2003 Blue (BBY) Lancer Evolution VIII, 5-spd w/83,000miles I've owned the car for two years and only added 6,000 miles to that, I bought this from a college kid as a project and fixed/repaired/modded it to where it is now. It's lived on a military base most of the time I've owned it, so between deployments and the short 2-mile commute to work on base, I haven't gotten many miles on the current mods (roughly 4.5K).

Mod list:

Blue Recaro front seats (no tears) w/ matching rear blue colored seats
Defi boost gauge
AEM Wide Band O-2 sensor & gauge
E-Bay steering column gauge pod for two 52mm gauges
Orbital one-off stereo/HVAC mod, allows 7"double din stereo vs. normal single din
No-name 7" touch screen MP-3/i-pod ready stereo w/ navigation
Aftermarket front/ rear speakers wired for amp and sub
WORKS "grab" shift knob
Tactrix cable for logging/modifying stock ECU
Apexi turbo timer (always used before vehicle shut down)

HID front Head lights w/ blue bulbs (modified black housing w/ amber signals)
Evo IX rear tail lights
Carbon Fiber front spoiler
REXSPEED (Black) Type-C rear spoiler (will include stock wing with faded clear coat)
Vortex generator
Mitsubishi wind deflectors (4)

Tanabe lowering springs
BBS Evo MR 17" wheels powder coated glossy black
Lexani all-season tires

(4) Brembo brake calipers which have been repainted red and clear coated
(4) Slotted and cross drilled rotors
(4) Hawk brake pads

Megan Racing O-2 sensor housing
Megan Racing 3" down pipe
Buschur Racing 3" slip-fit test pipe (will provide 3" highflow cat)
Buschur Racing 3" slip-fit cat-back exhaust

ACT clutch
Unknown flywheel
John Shepherd stage II Transfer case w/ front helical spring LSD (found in all 05+ Evo's)
Transmission filled with redline fluids, grinds a little going to 5th over 3K RPM, but you'd never notice for daily driving (There is a TSB from the factory for this problem for all 03 and 04's, but the warranty expired before this could be covered)

7-bolt ARP head studs
Valve cover has/new gasket and spark plug gaskets
New NGK 7 spark plugs
Kelford 272 overhead camshafts
Helix (Blue) cam gears installed (set at 0)
Super Tech springs & retainers
3rd generation lifters w/ larger oiling holes
Boomba 70mm throttle body
Turbo XS 3.5 inch Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC)
Nisei upper intercooler (short-route) pipe
ETS Lower Intercooler Pipe (LICP)
Turbonetics (recirculating) BOV
AEM air intake
AEM air filter
Halman Manual Boost Controller (MBC)
Forced Performance (FP) Red 64mm turbo (looks like stock Evo 9 turbo), similar to a Garrett GT30R turbo, but the FP Red spools up faster

Walbro 255lph fuel pump
FIC 1250cc Bluemax fuel injectors

Engine management
Stock ECU professionally flashed/tuned by JESTR Tuning, set up for dual map switching capability (second map is untouched) and tactrixs logging capable will be provide for self tuning/logging/assessing check engine lights. The car made 481hp/465tq on the CFT Mustang dyno and 480+hp/500+tq recently on the S&R dyno.

Problem areas:
-Previous owner was a college student and the car has light scratches from its stay on campus.
-There was a factory TSB for the 5th gear synchro because they were known to go bad on these, warranty ran out after this problem became apparent. Only occurs when shifting into 5th gear at over 3,000 RPM, anything lower and you wouldn't notice it. Thanks for looking, will certainly listen to all reasonable offers. Feel free to give me a call at:
seven-0-seven-688-seventy seven, seventy seven


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Its in the Trade forum. Im assuming it is negotiable on top of trade. However, if you are willing to sell it outright as well, please include an asking price. Might help with giving people an idea what you are looking to receive overall between a trade and cash too. Looks nice. Good luck trying to trade. Wish I had a 2gb and money :p. I want a toy again.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys, looking for $15,000 o.b.o., but please read the update below;)

Update: Discovered that the water pump is going out:( , compression test showed 170-170-168-170 and coolant contamination test verified that the head gasket was intact as well, so coolant drips out of the water pump weep hole at idle from time to time (not under boost). I'll be using an OEM Mitsubishi water pump and the Gates Racing blue kevlar timing/balance shaft belts, should be done by next month.

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I have a 98 Talon AWD car that is Mint and I mean Mint.

Right now the motor is out of it as I am building a 2.4 longrod to go in it. If this is something that you are interested in shoot me a PM and maybe we can negotiate from there.

I also work for Spec-ops Motorsports so it would be in good hands!
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