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ZEX nitrous on a n/a talon?

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i have a completely stock talon....only 'mod' i have is a removed aircan..ha....but i found a whole zex kit for 75 bucks, including bottle opener, purge lines, etc....EVERYTHING needed.....now, i know this is pretty stupid, but at this cheap, why not? (im thinking about just getting it and selling it and making a 400% profit, ha)but, in the meantime,....can a n/a 94 talon ES hold that much pressure? 125 shot?...i know it probably cannot considering it is a 10 year + old car and has nothing done to it, but iwas just wondering
thanks guys
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If it's complete thats a real cheap price.Make sure the smart box comes with it.I wouldn't put anything bigger then a 75 shot.For Street fun I would stay at around 50.
125 shot??? Are you serious??? It's a N/A stock talon. No...No way...NOPE!!! Sell the car and buy a tsi...Use the extra money from selling the kit to some kid towards your car. That's just my opinion. If you really want the kit, and want to install it, I well...you would only want to use like a 50 shot.
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